Month: February 2016


Flowers in Florence & Beers in Barcelona

In Florence, men walk through the streets trying to sell you flowers. Red and white roses to be exact.  In Barcelona, the streets are crowded with men trying to sell you cans of beer. Why any one would buy a beer from a stranger on the street is beyond me, but nonetheless, I LOVED Barcelona. Bryana, Allie, and I decided to go to Barcelona … Read More Flowers in Florence & Beers in Barcelona


There’s No Place Like Rome

This weekend, we decided to live it up like Lizzie McGuire and take a trip to Rome. After almost missing our train, we made it to the Tiburtina train station which was walking distance from our hotel, The Not-So-Best Western Blu. Although the hotel wasn’t the greatest and the staff seemed extremely annoyed by the presence of us annoying  Americans, they gave us two … Read More There’s No Place Like Rome


7 Reasons Why Gelato is Better Than a Boyfriend

Currently in a long-term relationship with gelato. Here’s why. Italian gelato is one-of-a-kind. If you have tasted true authentic Italian gelato, you already know that it is nothing at all like American-style ice cream. It’s only a hundred times better! It is made with more milk than cream, fewer egg yolks – or sometimes no eggs at all!- has less fat in the base … Read More 7 Reasons Why Gelato is Better Than a Boyfriend


Culture Shock! My First Week Abroad

As most of you already know, I am currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. So far the journey has been a little crazy but ultimately – AMAZING! That isn’t to say my journey here didn’t have a rough start… Air France lost my luggage!  I was totally overwhelmed. Not only was I in an entirely new country, but I had none of my belongings!  … Read More Culture Shock! My First Week Abroad


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