7 Reasons Why Gelato is Better Than a Boyfriend

Currently in a long-term relationship with gelato.

Here’s why.

  1. Italian gelato is one-of-a-kind.

If you have tasted true authentic Italian gelato, you already know that it is nothing at all like American-style ice cream. It’s only a hundred times better!

It is made with morGELATO2e milk than cream, fewer egg yolks – or sometimes no eggs at all!- has less fat in the base -approximately 10%-because it uses more milk than cream.  Temperature is key, as gelato is served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream. Each of these factors help account for its light yet creamy, but one of a kind taste. There are no duplicates.

2. Gelato is smoother than any guy you will ever meet.

Literally. While ice cream has a heavy, thick texture, gelato is silky smooth because it is churned at a much slower speed, and uses much less air in the freezing process.

3. You will never get sick of gelato

With so many different flavors to try, its pretty hard to pick just one to try, nevermind find the time to try all of the delicious flavors! There are fruity flavors like peach, strawberry, lemon, coconut and so much more! There is also amaretto, pistachio, Nutella, and my favorite – chocolate hazelnut!


4. Gelato is always there for you. 

You can find it at nearly every street corner and even in the frozen aisle of the grocery store here in Florence!

Our favorite gelato shop is Don Nino, located right by the Duomo.

5. Gelato doesn’t play games.

What you see is what you get. You don’t have to play any guessing games . Each flavor is equally enticing and delicious !

6.  Gelato will never make you cry

…until it’s gone, that is. Or, until you step on the scale.

7. You don’t have to share Gelato with anyone…

Unless you want to, that is. After all, sharing is caring!

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