Month: March 2016


Athens : Discovering Beauty Amongst the Ruins

Not all of my spring break was spent relaxing on the beautiful island of Corfu. This past week, I was also able to spend some time in Athens, Greece. For years, Greece has been facing  severe economic hardship. These hardships are more evident in some areas than others. While I was in Corfu, I was taken aback by the beauty that surrounded me. While … Read More Athens : Discovering Beauty Amongst the Ruins


Corfu and the Curse of the Pink Palace

On most spring breaks, I head back from school to my hometowm of Smithfield, Rhode Island and spend the week sleeping, watching Netflix, and catching up with a couple friends from home. Nothing too exciting. This spring break, however, was one for the books.  I had the opportunity to travel to Greece with some of my best friends. After a 4 hour bus ride … Read More Corfu and the Curse of the Pink Palace


Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg

Almost three weeks ago, I visited two countries in one weekend – Hungary and Austria. I am very late in writing this blog post due to being caught up with midterm exams – and afterwards, a ten day trip to Greece (read about it here and here) but I decided that this weekend trip was such an amazing experience I wanted to share. We … Read More Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg


Gucci : A Lifestyle and Legacy

On Sunday, I decided to visit the Gucci museum, or Museo Gucci, which is located right here in Florence in Piazza della Signoria. This Italian luxury brand was first found in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Guccio. The exhibition consists of three floors of beautiful, vintage Gucci fashion – handbags, dresses, scarves, belts,  shoes, and  even a Gucci upholstered Cadillac . But there’s more.. … Read More Gucci : A Lifestyle and Legacy


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