What is Lipstick & Literature? It is my creative outlet and is written entirely by me, Lisa Allard. I am passionate about fashion, books, and beauty and enjoy expressing this through my writing.

My blog originally began as a travel diary while spending a semester studying abroad in Italy. I returned from my travels -and after visiting seven different countries – I didn’t want to stop there. Even if only a few people read it, I found something valuable in sharing my experiences with readers like you.

I thought about what I could write about. I knew it had to be something I was passionate about. Obviously, I couldn’t go to a new country every weekend – as much as I’d love to – so writing about travel was not an option.

Reading has always been one of my true loves, so writing about reading was an obvious next best choice. While working for the NH Writers’ Project, I gained some valuable connections with writers. This inspired me to start writing book reviews.

Now, I use my website to share a lot of different things – and express my personal style and insight in the form of daily outfits, beauty tips, product reviews and more. I am always toying with new subjects to include, so you can never be quite sure what you might be reading next!

I have been able to collaborate and create content for beauty brands such as GLOW for a Cause, Beau Gâchis® Paris, CoverGirl, and Private Label Extensions. For business inquiries and collaborations, please visit my contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read my articles –  it means the world to me! I hope you enjoyed yourself and decide to visit again soon!