Orphan Train Reveals a Relevant Story about Love and Loss

Christina Baker Kline is the author of five novels, and has received praise and acknowledgment for her newest release, Orphan Train. Chosen as “One Book, One Read” by over fifty communities and campuses and published in 35 countries, Kline delivers a work of fiction that is rich in history, emotion, and truth. By shedding aContinue reading “Orphan Train Reveals a Relevant Story about Love and Loss”

Right Behind You: A Stirring Psychological Thriller by Lisa Gardner

In the world of crime fiction, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner is one of the most recognizable voices, and it’s no wonder why – her books are filled with psychological suspense, precise research, and most of all – unexpected twists and turns. Right Behind You is Lisa Gardner’s newest release and addition toContinue reading “Right Behind You: A Stirring Psychological Thriller by Lisa Gardner”

Motherlines Takes Readers on an Insightful and Spiritual Journey

This year,  I have a few personal resolutions for myself, including a new year’s resolution for reading. I will venture towards two literary genres that I have yet to fully explore. One of these is memoirs. In the past, I have enjoyed reading memoirs because of the personal connection that is created between the readerContinue reading “Motherlines Takes Readers on an Insightful and Spiritual Journey”

Top 15 Beauty Products I’m Thankful for

This Thanksgiving, I am extremely grateful for a lot of things my family and friends, my good health, the experiences I have had over the past year, and so much more. But there are also some beauty products I’d like to give thanks for. I have always loved makeup because it allows me to expressContinue reading “Top 15 Beauty Products I’m Thankful for”

The Literary Chic : 5 Most Stylish Writers in History

Although most of us know better than to judge a book by its cover, it is fascinating to observe the way people dress and ponder what influences their fashion decisions. For a writer, there are numerous factors that come into play. Some writers are concerned with comfort rather than trend, however, there are others whoseContinue reading “The Literary Chic : 5 Most Stylish Writers in History”

Author-Illustrator Q&A with Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Crafting words and images that will capture the attention of a child can be challenging. It can be even more of a challenge to generate a purpose that will stand out, resonate with readers, and most of all, make a difference. Children’s author Maryann Cocca Leffler has  written and illustrated numerous  books for children. LastContinue reading “Author-Illustrator Q&A with Maryann Cocca-Leffler”

Raising Awareness: The UnSlut Project

                On Wednesday, October 19th, Emily Lindin visited Southern New Hampshire University to present her movement, The UnSlut Project. Seeking to raise awareness and put an end to slut-shaming, or sexual bullying, her project is part novel, documentary, blog, discussion forum, and much more. Slut-shaming is an ongoing issue that has recently gained momentum inContinue reading “Raising Awareness: The UnSlut Project”

The Island of Beyond is Heartwarming, Engaging, and Remarkably Relevant

Last winter, I had the pleasure of reading Elizabeth Atkinson’s heartwarming story, The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball. The middle-grade author has released her newest title, The Island of Beyond, a charming story of adventure, friendship and so much more. Eleven-year old Martin is perfectly content spending his summer playing video games or perfecting his toyContinue reading “The Island of Beyond is Heartwarming, Engaging, and Remarkably Relevant”

Dear Juliet : My Journey to Verona

While in Italy, I decided to take a little trip by myself to Verona,  Italy. Verona is where Shakespeare’s beloved novel, Romeo & Juliet took place. I was especially intrigued to visit Verona after learning about Club di Giulietta, or Juliet’s Club. People from all over the world write to Juliet to share their storiesContinue reading “Dear Juliet : My Journey to Verona”

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