Athens : Discovering Beauty Amongst the Ruins

Not all of my spring break was spent relaxing on the beautiful island of Corfu. This past week, I was also able to spend some time in Athens, Greece. For years, Greece has been facing  severe economic hardship. These hardships are more evident in some areas than others. While I was in Corfu, I wasContinue reading “Athens : Discovering Beauty Amongst the Ruins”

Corfu and the Curse of the Pink Palace

On most spring breaks, I head back from school to my hometowm of Smithfield, Rhode Island and spend the week sleeping, watching Netflix, and catching up with a couple friends from home. Nothing too exciting. This spring break, however, was one for the books.  I had the opportunity to travel to Greece with some ofContinue reading “Corfu and the Curse of the Pink Palace”

Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg

Almost three weeks ago, I visited two countries in one weekend – Hungary and Austria. I am very late in writing this blog post due to being caught up with midterm exams – and afterwards, a ten day trip to Greece (read about it here and here) but I decided that this weekend trip wasContinue reading “Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg”

Gucci : A Lifestyle and Legacy

On Sunday, I decided to visit the Gucci museum, or Museo Gucci, which is located right here in Florence in Piazza della Signoria. This Italian luxury brand was first found in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Guccio. The exhibition consists of three floors of beautiful, vintage Gucci fashion – handbags, dresses, scarves, belts,  shoes, and Continue reading “Gucci : A Lifestyle and Legacy”

Flowers in Florence & Beers in Barcelona

In Florence, men walk through the streets trying to sell you flowers. Red and white roses to be exact.  In Barcelona, the streets are crowded with men trying to sell you cans of beer. Why any one would buy a beer from a stranger on the street is beyond me, but nonetheless, I LOVED Barcelona.Continue reading “Flowers in Florence & Beers in Barcelona”

There’s No Place Like Rome

This weekend, we decided to live it up like Lizzie McGuire and take a trip to Rome. After almost missing our train, we made it to the Tiburtina train station which was walking distance from our hotel, The Not-So-Best Western Blu. Although the hotel wasn’t the greatest and the staff seemed extremely annoyed by theContinue reading “There’s No Place Like Rome”

7 Reasons Why Gelato is Better Than a Boyfriend

Currently in a long-term relationship with gelato. Here’s why. Italian gelato is one-of-a-kind. If you have tasted true authentic Italian gelato, you already know that it is nothing at all like American-style ice cream. It’s only a hundred times better! It is made with more milk than cream, fewer egg yolks – or sometimes noContinue reading “7 Reasons Why Gelato is Better Than a Boyfriend”

Culture Shock! My First Week Abroad

As most of you already know, I am currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. So far the journey has been a little crazy but ultimately – AMAZING! That isn’t to say my journey here didn’t have a rough start… Air France lost my luggage!  I was totally overwhelmed. Not only was I in an entirelyContinue reading “Culture Shock! My First Week Abroad”

Ipsy Glam Bag: Is it Worth It?

What’s better than beauty delivered right to your door? Um, nothing! I discovered Ipsy a few months ago from two of my roommates who subscribed during the summer. They showed me the small cute cosmetic bags they received as well as the awesome brand name products that came in them! Thanks to them, this isContinue reading “Ipsy Glam Bag: Is it Worth It?”

Add Something Sweet to Your Reading List : The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity of interviewing bestselling author, Elizabeth Atkinson. (Check it out here.) After our interview, she even sent me a copy of her newest middle-grade novel, The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball. I am delighted to share my thoughts about this great winter read with you! The Sugar Mountain Snow BallContinue reading “Add Something Sweet to Your Reading List : The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball”

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